How do I deposit fiat currencies in my BVNK Virtual Account?

You can deposit fiat money from one of your registered bank accounts. Follow the steps below to find out more.



  1. Navigate to the Wallets section of your account:
  2. Click on the three dots next to the wallet you want to deposit funds into and select "Deposit":
  3. Take note of the details provided to make the deposit:

    Your deposit screen may also look like the below if you have a wallet that supports IBANs:
  4. Log into your online banking and create a new payee/beneficiary using BVNK’s details
  5. Initiate a funds transfer to BVNK, using the correct customer reference number.

Note: Reuse the same customer reference number whenever transferring money from your banking account to BVNK; the number is used to link the payment to your account.

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