How do I enable two-factor authentication on my BVNK account?

You will be required to enable 2FA when you create a new account with BVNK or if you previously had 2FA disabled on your account.



  1. Log into your BVNK account (either Sandbox or Production environment) using a PC or tablet
  2. You'll see a screen requesting to enable Two-Factor Authentication. Enter your password to proceed.
  3. Using your authenticator app, scan the QR code shown on your screen.
  4. Enter the 6-digit code provided by the authenticator app on your BVNK screen.
  5. Click "Confirm"


Now, every time you log into the BVNK Merchant Portal or need to use an advanced feature, you'll be asked to insert the 2FA code you've set up.


If you have any questions or require assistance enabling Google Authenticator on your account, please contact our Support team.

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