How to add team members to the BVNK Case Portal

This guide details how Workspace Owners can add team members to the BVNK Case Management Portal, enabling them to respond to Requests For Information (RFIs) from the BVNK Compliance team.


  • Workspace Owner Access: You need to be logged in as a workspace owner.
  • Team Member Information: Have the email addresses of the team members you want to add.


  1. Log in as Workspace Owner: Start by logging into the BVNK Merchant Portal as a Workspace Owner.
  2. Navigate to the team members section:
    1. Click on 'Manage Account'.
    2. Select 'Team Members' to add new members.
  3. Add new team members:
    1. Enter the individual email addresses of each team member.
    2. Assign the ‘Compliance-Plus’ or 'Compliance' role to each team member.
      1. ‘Compliance-Plus’ role grants team members access to both Transactions view and Payment Support capabilities.
      2. ‘Compliance’ role grants team members access to Payment Support capability only.
    4. Hit ‘Send’ Invite to push the invitation to the team member(s).
  4. Team member activation:
    1. Team members will receive an invite via email.
    2. They must click the link contained in the email to set their password.
    3. Upon first login, they will be prompted to select a two-factor authentication method.
    4. Once authenticated, they will be redirected to the Payment Support section.


For further information on managing team members in the BVNK Merchant Portal and detailed instructions on role assignments and authentication, refer to these resources:


Watch a video guide:

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