Why am I receiving more RFIs from BVNK than usual?

If you’re receiving more RFIs from BVNK than usual it might be because of recent events in the Middle East.

Governments around the world have reacted with new sanctions against entities and persons associated with terrorist organisations like Hamas. There have also been renewed efforts by law enforcement to identify bank accounts, crypto wallets and blockchain addresses that might be funding terrorist organisations.


Because of this, and given the international scope of this action, it’s possible that BVNK and our customers might be affected, and you could receive more RFIs than usual. We expect the impact to be minimal, and BVNK will provide you as much detail as possible in relation to impacted transactions.

We understand that resolving RFIs quickly is important. Our RFI process is designed to do this, while ensuring we meet our regulatory obligations and protect our customers.

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