How can I make a payment using crypto?

Making a payment using BVNK is very easy. You may be requested to make a payment to another company as a form of invoice or to facilitate a transaction.

BVNK is safe and you can check more information about our security features. We will convert the currency you select directly into a currency accepted by the beneficiary.


Making a payment using the BVNK Hosted Payments Page

  1. Select a cryptocurrency to make the payment from the dropdown:


  2. Once you’re happy with the quote and currency, click on Pay.

  3. You can now make the payment in different ways:

    1. Scan the QR code using a Crypto wallet on your phone;
    2. Connect a wallet directly or;
    3. Copy and paste the details manually.


Connecting a wallet for a seamless payment experience

  1. Click on “Connect your wallet”

  2. Select one of the wallets supported (e.g.: Metamask)

  3. Connect the wallet in the pop-up

  4. Click on Pay with Wallet to send the payment


All done!

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  • i sent the wrong amount of ltc to youre ltc adress, what do i do?

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  • Can use your bitcoin account to. Pay your withdraw amount?

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