Getting details of payments and wallets on the blockchain

End users and merchants can see more details about a crypto wallet or a transaction in a blockchain explorer. The information about blockchains is publicly available and does not include the owner's personal information, such as name and phone number.

Blockchain explorers

You may use any of the blockchain explorers listed below to check the status and details of wallets and transactions in the Live environment:

For Ethereum transactions in sandbox, use the explorer below:

Data to provide

If you're a merchant, you can get one of the following to be used in a blockchain explorer:

  •  A wallet address from the BVNK portal, to have oversight of a number of transactions in a cryptocurrency wallet as well as its balance:
  • A channel address:
  • Or a payment address (also known as transaction hash or id) to check the status of a specific payment or transaction:

If you're an end user who has processed a payment using BVNK, you can also verify the status of your transaction in a blockchain explorer using the address provided on the payment page: mceclip3.png 

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