How can I investigate a payment?

If an end-user makes an enquiry for a missing payment or refund, there are ways that you as a merchant can clarify what happened with the payment to the end-user.


  1. Go to the Payments section in sandbox or production.
  2. Find the payment by searching via your "reference ID" and check the status. In the example below we can see that the payment is expired.image20.png
  3. Click on the payment to expand, and see more details.
  4. Select the "Details" tab and check the"Paid" information. In this example, the value is 0, so the payment request has not been paid.image6.png


Sending details to the end-user

If the end user needs proof that the payment was not received, a link to the public blockchain can be forwarded to them.

For that, you can extract the wallet destination address:

  1. Click on "View Full Payload" (shown here as Hide Full Payload")
  2. Copy the address value from the payInInstruction object. We are working on making this more user-friendly.image24.png
  3. Paste that address onto a blockchain explorer website, such as Etherscan (for Ethereum)mceclip0.png

You can then send the link to the wallet page on the blockchain explorer to the end user, as well as screenshots.

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