How can I create a manual payment link for an invoice?

As a merchant, you might want to manually create payment links to send your customers as an invoice or refund. Here's a quick and simple guide on how this can be done.

This method is an alternative to creating a payment automatically using the API. Check our Use Case Guides on our Payments API Documentation.



  1. Go to your Payments page
  2. Select "Create Payment"mceclip0.png
  3. Add the details of your payment:
    1. Select a merchant that will receive that payment
    2. Add an amount
    3. If the payment is a refund, select Type "Out"mceclip1.png
      You may select a different display currency that your customer will see when making the payment. The amount will still be settled in the currency matching the Merchant ID.

  4. Done! Your payment link has been created and the link can be sent to the customer.mceclip2.png
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