Trading with BVNK

BVNK's entire service suite is designed to meet the exacting needs of businesses pursuing value through crypto-based assets. Our state-of-the-art technology, secure processes, and deeply knowledgeable and committed people are all directed toward making life easier for our clients.

BVNK's Emerging markets settlements is a Trading desk providing personalised service to businesses engaged in high-volume trading. The minimum trading amount is set at USD 10,000 and the average trade size is around USD 100,000. There is no maximum limit for trades.

With BVNK's Emerging markets settlements, you can expect:

  • Large-volume trading made quick and easy

  • Personal attention from our expert trade desk operators

  • The most competitive prices in the market

  • Instantly processed quotes

  • All-inclusive pricing and execution

  • Banking-grade security and compliance

You can contact our Trading Desk at

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