What crypto currencies are supported for Crypto Payments?

Check below the crypto currencies supported by Crypto Payments and the required confirmations they need on the blockchain.


Currency Name Currency Code Protocol Required confirmations Environment
Bitcoin BTC   2 Production / Sandbox
Ethereum ETH   12 Production / Sandbox
Tether USD USDT ERC20 12 Production / Sandbox
Tether USD USDT TRC20 20 Production / Sandbox
Ripple XRP   1 Production / Sandbox
Litecoin LTC   12 Production / Sandbox
BitcoinCash BCH   6 Production
Dai DAI ERC20 12 Production
Dogecoin DOGE   15 Production
USD Coin USDC ERC20 12 Production
Cardano ADA   12 Production
Algorand ALGO   10 Production
Solana SOL   12 Production
Tronix TRX   12 Production
Binance Coin BNB   12 Production



For the most up-to-date list of currencies, use the following:


Check more technical details about our currencies in our API Documentation.

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