Understanding held payments on BVNK

This article explains the scenarios under which payments may be held and display the "Held" status in the BVNK platform. It provides details on how to manage these payments and the steps required to resolve any issues.


Payments can be held for two primary reasons:

1. Manual Review

  • Status: Held
    The payment is under manual review by our team.
    • If the manual review is passed, the status will transition to "Processed" and the payment will continue processing.
    • If the manual review requires additional information, a Request for Information (RFI) will be issued.

2. Request for Information (RFI)

  • Status: Held
    The payment is under manual review, and our team has requested additional information.
    • If the RFI is resolved successfully, the status will change to "Processed".
    • If the RFI fails, the status will change to "Rejected".

You will be able to view these payments in the "Payment Links" section of the Merchant Portal:



Viewing Held Payments

You can view the payments that are on hold by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Payment Links" section in the merchant portal.
  2. Select "Filters".
  3. Choose "Tags".
  4. Select "On Hold".

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