Search through your Transaction History

When your customers contact you to ask for information regarding their transactions, you can easily retrieve the transaction data by making use of the "Transaction History" search feature.


Where to Find Your Transaction History:

  • In the navigation panel on the left side under "Transaction History"


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Which transaction types am I able to Search for?

You can search for:

  • Crypto Payments Ins
  • Crypto Payments Outs
  • Channel Deposits
  • Crypto Deposits
  • Crypto Withdrawals
  • Fiat Deposits
  • Fiat withdrawals (1st and 3rd party)


For these transactions types above, you can search using:


  • Customer Reference
  • Wallet address (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Transaction Hash
  • Transaction UUID



  • Bank Account number 
  • Bank Account Code
  • Bank Account Name


Please Note: Only settled (completed) transactions will appear in the search results. If a transaction isn't in the Transaction History tab, it hasn't been completed yet.


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