How to use BVNK's new Case Management Portal for efficient RFI handling

This guide assists team members in managing Requests For Information (RFIs) from the BVNK Compliance team, ensuring timely and accurate responses to compliance-related queries.


  • Access to BVNK's Case Management Portal: Ensure to invite Compliance team members to the BVNK Merchant Portal setting them up with a “Compliance” role.


  1. Go to Payment Support: Log in and navigate to the Payment Support section under “Manage account”. Here, you'll find a list of ongoing and resolved cases.
  2. Respond to Unresolved Cases: Identify cases marked as Unresolved.
    Use the portal to directly respond to the BVNK Compliance team's emails within the case.
  3. Upload and Manage Documents:
    1. Choose the necessary documents for the RFI and upload them.
    2. Briefly describe each document during the upload process.
    3. Access and download the uploaded documents for review from the top of the list.


Watch the demo for a practical overview: 📽️ BVNK Case Management Portal Walkthrough

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