Managing Crypto Address on BVNK

1. Navigate to the Settings Section: Start by heading over to the 'Settings' section on the BVNK Portal. This is where you'll manage various security and account preferences.


2. Select “Manage Crypto Addresses: Within the Settings section, find and click on the ‘Manage Crypto Addresses’ option. This will take you to the area dedicated to managing cryptocurrency addresses.


3. Click on 'Add New Address': You'll see a button labelled 'Add New Address'. Click on this to begin the process of adding a new crypto address.


4. Enter the Crypto Address Details

  • Address: Paste the cryptocurrency address you wish to add.
  • Give the address a name: Add a name or description for the address, such as "Personal ETH Wallet" or "BTC Exchange Address". This helps in identifying the address in the future.
  • Give a Reason for adding the address (optional): Add a reason for the address, such as "Frequent Supplier" or "Partner address". This helps in identifying the address in the future.


5. Confirm and Save: After entering the address and any optional details, review them to ensure accuracy. At this point the address will be validated to ensure it is correct and not a sanctioned address. Once you're certain the information is correct, enter your 2FA and click 'Confirm'.


6. Verification: 2FA is required when adding and address to the list


7. Roles that can add crypto addresses: Workspace Owners and Admins can add crypto addresses to the platform


8. Roles that can pay out to saved crypto addresses: Workspace Owners, Admins and Collaborators can pay out to crypto addresses


More information on User permissions can be found here.


Remember, always double-check the crypto address before whitelisting to ensure it's correct. Mistakes can lead to irreversible loss of funds.



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