Execute your first trade

Executing your first trade on BVNK:


  1. Access the Merchant Portal: Begin by logging into your BVNK merchant account.
  2. Locate the 'Trade' Option: Within the merchant portal, find and click on the 'Trade' option. This is where you'll manage all your currency exchanges.
  3. Select Currencies for Trade: You'll be presented with dropdown menus for both the currency you're offering and the currency you wish to receive. Choose the appropriate currencies for your desired trade.
  4. View the Exchange Rate: Once you've selected the currencies, BVNK will automatically display the current exchange rate for that pair. This rate will give you an idea of the value you'll receive in the trade.
  5. Confirm the Trade: If you're satisfied with the rate and are ready to proceed, click on the 'Confirm Trade' button. This will initiate the currency exchange.
  6. Review the Trade Details: After executing the trade, you'll be provided with a summary of the transaction, including the amount of currency offered, the amount received, and the applied exchange rate.


Trading on BVNK is designed to be intuitive and efficient, ensuring merchants can easily navigate currency exchanges. As always, make sure to review all details before confirming any trades to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.



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