What is BVNK? A BVNK Overview

BVNK is a next-generation payments platform. We bridge traditional and decentralised finance to make payments borderless, fast, and secure. Using our platform, businesses can incorporate stablecoins into their payment flows, trade between currencies, and send and receive payments anywhere in the world.

One platform bridging traditional and decentralised finance.


Virtual Accounts

Create crypto wallets and e-money accounts in GBP and EURO with their own unique vIBANs for easy reconciliation. Send and receive payments using SEPA Credit, SEPA Instant, Faster Payments, and CHAPS.


Emerging markets settlements

Settle funds anywhere in the world within 24 hours and seamlessly trade between currencies. We're strong in emerging markets where growing businesses are underserved. We support fiat to fiat, fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, and crypto to crypto.


Crypto Payments

Send and receive payments using distributed ledger technology, without holding crypto or making changes to treasury operations. Go live quickly, fulfil regulatory requirements, and reduce fraud every step of the way with BVNK. We handle crypto processing on your behalf so you never interact with crypto directly.


Powerful payments for innovative businesses


Get fast liquidity movement in and out of emerging markets and remove prefunding requirements.


Seamlessly integrate digital assets into your platform without needing to be regulated. BVNK handles crypto processing on your behalf so you never interact with crypto directly.


Simple, cost-effective, hassle-free payments between various entities. Foreign Exchange - Increase deposits, expand into new markets and reduce the cost and time of settling cross-border.


Easily add new payment methods to your checkout with our low-code hosted payments page.


Accept crypto at the cashier and receive fiat on settlement. BVNK handles crypto processing on your behalf so you never interact with crypto directly. B2B Payments - Pay suppliers and other third parties efficiently without constraining cash flow




Robust, multilayered AML and transaction monitoring systems prevent illicit activity, while our best-in-class custody keeps your assets safe.


We focus on compliance so you can focus on your customers. We advocate for clear regulation and continuously engage with policymakers to stay ahead of industry shifts.


We’ve built a global network with local expertise and a deep understanding of market complexities, so you can build with confidence


As payments continue to evolve — we are here to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape with expert guidance and support

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