Creating channels from the BVNK Portal


  1. In the BVNK portal, in the side navigation bar, go to Payments -> Channels.
  2. Click the “Create Channel” buttonmceclip0.png
  3. A modal will display on the screen for you to create the channel:
    1. Select the "Merchant Id" (Settlement Account) that you want to receive channel payments into
    2. Select the desired "Display Currency".
      This is the currency in which your customers will be shown the exchange rate. For example, if the Display Currency is USD and you want to accept crypto in BTC, then your customers will see "1BTC = $22,711"
      The "Display Currency" will default to that of the "Merchant ID" but can be set to something different.mceclip1.png
  4. Once your channel is created you can copy the URL to the channel and share this with your customers.mceclip2.png
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